Our Evolving Communicative Landscape & Twitter

A landscape defines as an area where all visible features of an area of countryside,urban or land are often considered for their aesthetic appeal (Google). Our idea of a landscape has evolved it has become aesthetically visual on many levels. Not only from visual imagery but a landscape of visual storytelling, an extension of our physical reality that extends virtually and is visualized and distributed tenfold. Twitter has demonstrated this. According to Leetaru, Wang, Cao, Padmanabhan & Shook the Mapping of the global Twitter heartbeat, Twitter, has grown to count nearly 3 % of the entire global population among its active users who have sent more than 170 billion 140 character messages ( Leetaru, Wang,Cao,Padmanabhan,Shook). Amazing statistics that confirm how our Communication Culture has evolved into visual storytelling: brief words with images that spread at the velocity of our current World’s heartbeat.

The textual geography of Twitter, its growth and impact has been significant it will be interesting to track which regions have the most influence on our global landscape overtime. Twitter’s basis of communication is around the broadcast communicative model which means users publish a public message to be read by all users of this service. These posts then can be publically communicated and referenced directly to other usernames and can be retweeted by other users. This connective extension between users and information is a fascinating model that demonstrates how little yet how interconnected we are. How our World’s communication is like a Visual  Art Museum where we find trends of Culture, Politics, Data,Society et al that contributes to our World’s heartbeat.

Works Cited:

Mapping the global heartbeat:The geography of Twitter by Kalev H.Leetaru,Shaowen Wang, Guofeng Cao, Anand Padmanabhan,Eric Shook.

First Monday, Volume 18, Number 5 – 6 May 2013



3 thoughts on “Our Evolving Communicative Landscape & Twitter

  1. To start, you are a brilliant writer. I’m a amazed at your way to use words to create colorful depictions of word usage on twitter. You take twitter and tweeting to an artistic perspective, a full creative process. I also love the fact that 3% of the world’s population is a small percentage but also a huge amount of people at the same time. I think it’s great you recognized the importance of twitter in illuminating pop culture. I think it adds to the importance of twitter and why we should regard it as a more reputable platform. (I’ll expand more in my post!)

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  2. seymourjaclynontv

    Amy, I think this ai great article to really highlight just how widely used Twitter is, and growing.

    I would really love to hear how you relate this back to the 2016 presidential election (which I think was the prompt for the week). I think you bring a good perspective when we discuss things in class and previous blog posts. The capabilities, you mention, Twitter has is great in the sense we all have the world on our fingertips now, so-to-speak. This is why I think President Trump uses it so much (not always a good thing in his case, in my opinion). He can stir up controversy, reach leaders of other countries, as well as all his fans, voters and even haters.

    Do you think Twitter will continue to grow? Do you think it’s used for good or bad or both?

    So my challenge to you would be to incorporate the political aspect into your views, because I think it would be very interesting.


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    1. Yes, I believe Twitter will change how we grow, communicate the good, bad and the ugly of Politics. I think it is good to stir things up, not get to comfortable as it consistently keeps us on our toes, problem solving, finding solutions, better ideas for humanity’s socialogical and political systems.


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